Happy New Year to all our readers!

Looking forward to a positive 2019.

Starting indoor nets early has proved to be popular with a good turn out last Sunday.

If you are not already a member, please join the Jackpot Club since we will incur a significant financial penalty (£400) if we don’t recruit more members by the Sports Club AGM.

Please can we have a strong turn out at the Sports Club AGM on Monday 18th February as well as at our own AGM- date to be finalised.    We know that not everybody wishes to serve on the Committee but some people would be happy to be involved in specific, discrete projects.   We would like to move towards a model whereby most tasks are undertaken by small working groups or individuals, with minimal committee meetings..

E.g sponsorship, programme/handbook , Annual dinner, Sea Change Festival liaison.

Please get back to me with any ideas or offers of assistance.



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