First Fivefor for Andy Bligh in good win over DoE.

Andy looking modest after taking his fivefor

DoE 195 for 7, D&T 200 for 7.

After Jono Colegate struck to take 2 early wickets we had to wait along time for another one.  DoE struggled to score against good accurate bowling but any loose delivery was punished.  The score slowly mounted up.  109 runs had been added for the 3rd wicket when Andrew Bligh came on to bowl.  His first delivery was very short, in fact Andy almost hit his own toes with it.  The batter, on 64, took a big swipe and only succeeded in getting height whereupon someone, I don’t recall who, took a good catch.  Andy continued with short pitched stuff for the rest of his over but there was no repeat.  He changed his tack for his second over and began pitching the ball up more.  He was rewarded with 2 further wickets in successive balls for his trouble.  He might have had a third had the sun not been in Jarvs’ eyes at square leg when a straightforward catch came his way.  Andy was hopping mad about this.  He was even madder when brother, Liam, dropped a tricky chance when the batsman launched the ball to the mid wicket boundary.  Andy soon got his ‘4 for’ when another chance was held before Liam finally atoned by taking  a similar catch to the one he dropped- much to Liam’s relief- to make it 5, whereupon Andy began an extravagant celebratory dance which was enjoyed by all. The young man led us off the field and began negotiations for the match ball.

Special mention for the Veale’s and particularly Kate who worked really hard all day not only doing an excellent tea but also cleaning up a treat.

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