Covid guidance FAQs see in particular highlighted areas

This is ECB guidance.   I’m expecting he Devon Cricket League to offer some clarification but it seems likely they will discourage use of changing rooms and providing teas unless lots of space and guidelines for working out maximum numbers say to allow 100 square feet per person (that’s about 3 square metres)

What are the main changes from Step 2 (12th April) , to Step 3 (17th May)?
The activities permissible through organised outdoor cricket activity remain the same and therefore
existing guidance should be followed.
The main changes for cricket relate to hospitality, spectators, changing rooms, and travel.
As always as any changes come into effect, we encourage each club to only move to the next steps if and
when you feel comfortable in doing so. You should be comfortable in moving to the next step when you
are prepared and satisfied you can put in place the associated measures to ensure participants remain safe.
The full guidance can be found here.
Can Spectators attend from 17th May?
Spectators are permitted at both public and private venues. Spectators must observe social distancing and
legal gathering size limits (groups of up to 30 outdoors). Outdoors, multiple groups of 30 (with no
interaction among different groups) are permitted, with Government limits allowing up to 1,000.
Clubs are not responsible for controlling who views cricket in public open spaces or for people on public
Can clubs use their changing rooms from 17th May?
Government guidance states: Changing rooms can open but their use should be discouraged. You should
inform customers that these are areas of increased risk, that they should shower and change at home
where possible, and, if they do need to use changing rooms, they should minimise time spent inside.
We have provided guidance to help you do this safely in the Changing Rooms section in Part 2 of the full
guidance and some signs accessible via the resource hub. Note that no club is obliged to provide use of
changing facilities for all participants and clubs and venues should only use changing rooms when they are
ready to do so safely – it will require time to complete the necessary preparations and venues should only
do this at their pace.
COVID-19 GUIDANCE FAQs 13th May 2021
If participants do need to use changing rooms, they should minimise time spent inside. More than one
household can use changing facilities at one time, but people should maintain social distancing from people
they don’t live with (or share a relevant bubble with).
Whilst each venue is different and will need to assess their own risks, typically it takes 4 m2 for social
distancing at 2 m – so 5 people for a changing room of 20 m/sq. A good tip would be to look at the
seating / peg positions and measure them out for social distancing and then look at how well ventilated
the room is and adjust down if necessary.
From Step 3, 17th May, is car sharing permitted for sport and physical activity?

You can leave your home
to exercise and take part in informal and organised cricket. Car sharing is permitted at Step 3 for sport in
accordance with the government guidance for safer travel.

Can we reintroduce teas from 17th May onwards?
It is important to note that we do not have any special dispensation for cricket teas. Should clubs wish to
provide cricket teas they will need to fully comply with the government guidance for hospitality
(restaurants and bars).

This includes but is not limited to the following:
• A requirement to risk assess the service of teas and to record this in your COVID-19 Risk
• You will be able to serve tea in groups of up to 6 or 2 households indoors, or in groups of up to 30
• If your venue serves alcohol, table service will be required. Even though alcohol is unlikely to be
served at tea, this means tea must be served and eaten while seated.
• If your venue does not serve alcohol, customers can order and collect food and drink from a
counter. But they must consume food and drink while seated at a table. Note that this is for fully

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