Chairman’s ‘Lightening Bolt’ wicket celebration debuts against Plympton

Mick Rusling celebrated his first 3 wickets with a Usain Bolt style celebration against Plympton thirds on saturday.  “I mentioned it to my family in the week and they said it looked ridiculous so I had to give it a go”, Mick said.  “It was meant to be ironic.”

“I didn’t bother continuing when I took the next 3 wickets since I didn’t want the opposition to think I was being disrespectful”, said the Chairman.  “My team mates seemed to love it, though it was probably because we were unexpectedly getting into the match from a  hopeless position. Jarvs kept trying to calm the celebrations down but I kept my feet on the ground.  I hit a purple patch and bowled out of my skin.”

” I may try a Mo-bot celebration next week but I only plan to use it when I dismiss really good batsmen in future”, he added modestly.

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