2 June: 1s and 2s washed out whilst 9 man 3s give Bridestowe a scare

The first XI were put in to bat and scored 178 for 9 against Alphington with Ian Bransdon the pick of the batsmen with 70. Raz made 28,  James Palmer 12 and Gav 15 not out.  Liam Bligh had allegedly injured his ankle warming up, by falling down a rabbit hole.  It seems a peculiar way to warm up, but each to his own.  At least he scored a few runs.  He missed Daz’s trick of having a runner. (Meanwhile the runnerless Daz only managed 5 at Bridestowe).  There’s a moral there somewhere but i’ve no idea what it is.

Alphington raced to 81 off 16 overs in reply before rain intervened.  We’ll never know whether the rain was  good thing for us or not!

Click here  for scorecard:   alphington 2.6.12

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