The cap fits but Jarvs won’t be wearing it!

When the seconds batted last Saturday there appeared to be a new man opening with Sam Gornall wearing a stylish blue cap.  Who was this blue-capped stranger?

It turned out to be Jarvs who has always batted in a faded red cap (pink) for donkey’s years.  It didn’t look right somehow.   Jarvs and his pink hat are inextricably linked.  It was like Romeo without Juliet, Hirst without Rhodes, Trueman without Statham,  Thomson without Lilee,  Boycott without his ego,  Thomas the Tank Engine without Annie and Clarabelle.

Uncharacteristically,  Jarvs was soon out playing  a something and nothing shot.

After the match he informed us the reason for his batting demise was the new hat which he won’t be wearing in future.

Normal service will be resumed on Saturday so look out the remaining teams we have yet to play in D  Divison West!

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