League survey about returning to cricket

The Devon Cricket League are preparing for a possible return to playing recreational cricket in August.

They want to know if we’d be prepared to play through September and how many teams we’d want to enter. The feedback I’ve had to date suggests most of you would play through September. We had plans to reseed the square and it might be we decide we need to do this before the end of September (or not!), but could still play away matches.

Below are some additional questions which I need your answers to asap in order to respond to the League’s survey:

  1. Would you have flexibility to play matches on Sundays and/or Saturdays? (Note: the option of scheduling Sunday matches would be a last resort and undertaken only if essential and be very minimal)



Don’t Know: please comment.


  1. Would you be able to play on the August bank holiday (Mon 31st)?



Don’t Know


  1. The intention is to organise a match programme for regular, 11-a-side cricket, if possible. However, if ‘Adaptive Cricket’ was the only type of cricket available in 2020 would you be interested in participating in such a match programme?

(Note: Adaptive Cricket is a model the ECB are currently consulting on and would be ‘socially-distanced cricket’, likely involving reduced participants, adapted field placements, umpire positions, keeper positions etc. Final details have yet to be announced).



Don’t Know: please comment


  1. Would you be interested in shorter matches e.g. 20 overs?


5 would you prefer to play local fixtures?


6 any other ideas?


I know it’s a pain but please respond as I need to represent your views for obvious reasons.


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