Green light for Cricket to return from 11 July

Great news, despite the Prime Minister’s unhelpful comments last week, the government has decided it’s safe to play recreational cricket (11 a side) from 11th July.
The Devon League programme will start on 25th July, fixtures to be announced.
We plan an Intra-Club match next weekend, possibly T20, to get us back in the swing. (To the uninitiated that means playing against each other rather than another club). This will get maximise the number of people who can play.
Can you let me know:
  1. If you would are able to play next weekend and if you prefer on Saturday or Sunday.
  2. How long a match you’d prefer. 20,30, 40 overs.
  3. If we do a T20 we’d probably start around 5/6pm.
We need to make fairly extensive preparations to be Covid 19 compliant and it would be helpful if we could plan this after nets on Tuesday.

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