Firsts go up in style- (but it’s a nail biter as Clyst Hydon crash)

An emphatic win over Ivybridge on Saturday saw the firsts take maximum points but it was a nail biter as they awaited news from Hatherleigh’s match with Clyst Hydon.   Clyst started the day in  2nd place, 4 points ahead of us with Hatherleigh just behind in 4th.  We needed to get 4 points more than Clyst on the day. 

Mark Andrews and Jono Lloyd got us off to a great start.  He may be even slower than me in the field but Mark showed he can still do it with a fine and vital 51.  Bertus bashed 80 odd and Captain Marvel declared with 5 down and 241 on the board (I’m just guessing numbers- am awaiting report from H, Mick)

Will Gornall blasted Ivybridge with 5 for 15, Raz picked up 3 as our lads shot them out and gathered around their beer to await news of Clyst. H texted me at Lewdown with the news but said it didn’t look good as Clyst were cruising.  Clyst needed only 140 odd to win and collapsed from 91 for 2 to 109 all out.  Had money changed hands we wondered on Sunday morning when we read the papers?

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