Chairmans Message for 2020

Chairman’s message for 2020

I appreciate that cricket may not be the top item on your agenda at present.

As I’m sure most of you know by now, the ECB have ruled that all cricket and related activities should stop for the foreseeable future due to coronavirus.  It’s possible there will be no cricket during the current season.

If anyone had predicted the current situation at the end of last season, nobody would have believed it.    We’re in a period of enormous uncertainty and nobody knows just how and when it will end.

It’s amazing that people eating bats (or was it pangolins?) in China could lead to the postponement of our local cricket.

I think we’re appreciating the important role that sport plays in our lives.

The Club were hoping to take forward and build upon the momentum and excellent team spirit from last year. After a record breaking season last year, our first team were looking forward the challenge of playing in B division.    After his terrific season last year we were hoping to have Phil back as our overseas player but he hit a snag with his visa.    We’re hoping to have him back with us in 2021.    I think the first team would have been very competitive in B Division and would certainly have challenged for promotion.

We were also looking forward to the resumption of All Stars and the new Dynamos cricket.   I was particularly looking forward to the Sea Change match.   In addition we planned to have a Paul Raven Memorial game against South Brent and a Chairman’s XI v Club old boys match, when we were hoping to welcome back numerous former players- both which would have been great occasions.   Hopefully, we’ll reschedule these.

The lack of cricket will have an impact on our revenue.   We’ll still be paying rent, insurances and ground maintenance.    We’re unlikely to receive sponsorship income since many of our sponsors are closed down.   I was gratified by the positive response when I sounded people out on the Club Facebook page when the majority of those who responded indicated a willingness to pay voluntary subscriptions to help keep the club afloat.     We still have a vacancy for a Treasurer so don’t be shy in coming forward.

It’s important to keep people connected and hope to have some virtual social events starting with  with Keld’s enjoyable quiz tonight.  We hope to have more of these.   I propose to open up committee meetings via Zoom so you can all put in your suggestions.

Keep well.



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