Chairman’s blog- a day out in Cornwall

I was hoping the match would be rained off.  My back has been very bad and is several weeks away from being ok.  If I’d had any sense I wouldn’t have made myself available to play.  We met up at Meadowbrook and were a bit slow getting off.  I drove down with Tom, chatting away merrily-as is my wont.  I can’t multi-task and tend to drive slowly when talking.  As we approached Plymouth Tom pointed out there wasn’t much time due to my “tootling along at 60mph”.

We just missed a ferry and as one of the Torpoint ferries was out of action had to wait a while.  Where was Daz, we wondered.  He was supposed to meet us at the ferry terminal.  As we were wondering I received a text from Daz saying “where are you?”  It transpired he was over in Torpoint having caught the ferry.

Tom had a merry chat with Darren who decided go on ahead to the Plymouth IV ground.  Tom kept saying “Go on past Anthony” (meaning it’s just past Anthony House- A Royal Naval establishment.),  like he and Daz were both  locals.

When we reached the ground Daz was nowhere in sight.  I phoned him  “where are you Daz”. ” I’m just past Anthony” (Village).  He was several miles down the road.

I agreed to stand by the road to guide him in.  Everyone was getting changed and I’m standing by the road doing a bit of stretching.  PT arrived around 1.50pm-still no sign of Daz.  Eventually he showed up not best pleased and the rest, as they say, is history.


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